Servizi - Processi

Process optimization

Processes represent the Company’s bones: they are the means to actuate the Company’s strategy and to carry out business objectives.

Process revision and optimization are the Company’s key to success and an essential periodic activity for keeping the Company in “good state”.

In working, Dueali consultants use a friendly approach with the Company’s operations, interested in obtaining the maximum level of collaboration and encouraging  the will to improve in the Company’s personnel at every level, involved in each phase of process revision.

The processes revision foresees:

  • a Feasibility Study (AS-IS) including the actual situation mapping (photo), and objective analysis to identify strengths and weaknesses in the process with particular focus on the economic evaluation of the activities.
  • Scenarios (TO-BE) defining how the Company would be in compliance with the regulations and the evaluation of the sustainability of the changes.
  • Actions Plans (TO-DO) to realize the approved scenario with the definition of its organizational structure, operative processes, resource development plans and eventual layout, including the estimation of revenue / expenditure related to the actions to be executed.
  • Services to support project realization (TO ACT), project progress monitoring, project change management in order to ensure achieving and maintenance of objectives. Through the identification of performance indicators (KPIs) it is possible to measure the level of improvement and the effectiveness of actions implemented (TO CHECK).